Monday, May 15, 2006

CN2WW soon on the air

I will be active starting saturday 20, until wednesday 24 from Dar-Bouazza (nr Casablanca) from CN2DX location.
Depending on the condx, I may take part in the "king of spain" HF CW contest, or focus on 6m band. Outside contest, I'll focus on WARC bands.
Will then move to Casablanca, and then to CN8SG's place in Kenitra from where I'll be active for the CQ WPX contest.
Conventional QSL via EA7FTR, electronic confirmation via LOTW. See you on the bands.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Morse Runner training for the WPX

More runner is a CW-Contest training software developped by VE3NEA. It is probably the best tool ever developped to improve the CW-op contest skills...

Morse runner demo - 5mn at 240Morse-runner demo by F6IRF

Above you can see the log, and the software settings for the 5mn audio-clip. Net-rate is 240 QSO/Hour. You can check the morse-runner toplist on . My best score on one hour is currently with CN2WW callsign (208 QSO's), but feel that I still have some progression margin...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


As shown by main toplists, F6IRF callsign still appears as World number one !
This is the result of my 2005 activity... this will change soon as, for 2006 I am more focusing on CW contesting and overseas activity.