Wednesday, November 30, 2005

CN2WW operation is over ;-(

Over 6000 QSO's in 7days (all already uploaded to LOTW)
2500 QSO's in CQWW on 20m LP - In theory a new World all times record, but most probably a new continental (once UBN's decounted)
Photos, comments and stats soon on
3830 report on

Qsl-project by HB9DTM ;-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Just received the good news...
will be CN2WW in CQWW-CW (normaly SOSB20... or 15 depending on condx)
Callsign is valid 19/11 through 28/11 for peri-contest activity (will be active mostly in CW, maybe RTTY on WARC if there is some demand)

QSL only via EA7FTR (or LOTW)
See you on the bands !

WAEDC RTTY contest

My antennae - the picture is 2 years old, when I was using a triband trap dipole. The traps have gone, but the 380kV noise-generator is still here...

WAE DX Contest, RTTY
Call: F6IRF
Operator(s): F6IRF
Station: F6IRF
Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 36
Radios: SO2R

Band QSOs Pts QTCs Mults
80: 256 256 0 4*50
40: 290 360 70 3*65
20: 335 595 260 2*75
15: 337 717 380 2*76
10: 60 60 0 2*29
Total: 1278 1988 710 755 Total Score = 1,500,940

Station: My usual small domestic station

The weekend conditions: better on saturday than on sunday, the 6 hours SSNe dropped to 0 for a couple hours...

Good weekend despite poor conditions.
To be honnest my primary objective was to consolidate my leader place for the DJ3NG's "top-ten trophy", nothing more...
( )
So I focused first on QSO's, forgetting abt QTC's on saturday. When I passed the 1000-Qmark sunday at 08:35z with 24h of airtime, it was clear that my primary objective was met... So I started to hunt the QTC'ers.
Once again noticed that as a EU-stn I would make very few QTC-points, if I did not actively/agresively search for the QTC'ers...very few spontaneous offers - except a few ones from Ukrainian stations, which I had to decline ;-)
But finaly the "non-strategy" payed; Far better score than last year, despite smaller antennas (was at F6HYE stn) with much more QSO's and mults,
and almost the same nr of QTC's at the end ! Once again the SO2R-bonus is obvious here, and QTC'ing only on sunday when the rate is getting low, may not be that crazy...
10 and 15m have been the good surprises of the weekend, especialy 15m better than 20 with this low SSN... 20m closed very early, especialy on sunday, and central and west-US signals strongly affected by auroral flutter.
I suffered from noisy condx (high statics level on 80, local-line QRN on high
bands), making QTC-sending my preferred choice (thanks to all who accepted to grab my QTC's).
Eqt-wise, some troubles with 2 N1MM serious crashes but fortunately without major damages, except 10QTC's and a few minutes lost (next time will put a recorder on a separate PC to recover lost QTC's).
Must also say that a few N1MM features need to be improved for this contest: QTC's on main radio only, no QSO/QTC distinction, no "section summary", saving of QTC's sometimes capricious, received NR's turned to 0, etc... Anyway, it did not work that bad for me, I shouldn't complain...
Thanks to the DARC for organizing, to all for the QSO's and see you from CN in CQWW-CW.

Full contest stats at

This chart clearly shows the important role played by QTC's in the final score... I focused on QSO's on saturday and on QTC's on sunday.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

F6IRF News and agenda

- October 23-30 : I have been active from IN87 during a week hollidays on the Atlantic coast (abt 500 QSO's)... Taking advantage of the exceptional weather and temperature , I did an excursion with 3 hours "on the beach" operation from EU-048 (Houat).
Equipment used: IC706, laptop, microkeyer, AT130 tuner, and "spiderbeam" 12m fiberglass pole mounted vertical.
- October 29/30 : A bit more that 100 Q's in the CQWW-SSB... more than enough ! (For me SSB remains the most unadequate mode for contesting !)
- November 5/6 : Took part in the "Ukrainian DX contest" - see
- November 12/13: Will be active in WAE-RTTY contest...
- November 19: Departure to CN. I have been allocated CN2PD callsign, which I am currently trying to get changed (this callsign has already been used in 2003 and I cannot access data)
QSL manager for this operation will be EA7FTR
- November 26/27: CQWW-CW, SOSB20
- November 28 back to France...

My current CN-license.
Hope I can get another one for the new dates, with another callsign...
Inshallah !!!

F6IRF number one!

At the end of 2004 I decided to give first priority to RTTY contesting for the 2005 season, taking part in all posssible contests (22 so far)... So far, some 17,000 RTTY QSO's have been logged since January...

F6IRF number-one on DJ3NG "world contesting RTTY contesting scene" top-list....
Also currently "temporary" number one on DJ3NG's 2005 challenge (remains 2 counted contests)
Only the number of RTTY QSO's is taken into account for DJ3NG's palmares.

Below ,
Also number one on DK3VN's "world ranking list"(official points and places in contests are taken into account) .