Friday, September 16, 2005

IS0/F6IRF: Sea, Six and Sun

Short summary of my 2003 casual activity from Sardinia Island.
Main purpose of the 2 weeks trip was family holidays, but I also took the oportunity for a bit of 6m...
- Managed to activate the 4 island locators and the 4 provinces as follows: 12/13Aug JN41OE (SS) , 14/15 JN40VM (NU), 16/17 JM49UU (NU), 19/20 JM48FX (CA - San-Antioco island EU165) , 20/21 JM49EK (CA) , 23/24 JN40GE (OR) - Only a couple of hours each time at the bivouac whenever practical.
- 348 qso's all together; mostly E's during the first week. MS activity remained low even during the perseids maximum, tropo-activity almost inexistant despite tremendous conditions(*), no trace of TEP.
For a change, I really enjoyed operating from very quiet radio-electrical locations. A pity that the condx remained poor while in JM48 and that I did not manage to find a good location from this square (most of the terrestrial part of the square is occupied by the army - the rest is very mountaneous, and would have required a 4WD vehicle). Special thanks to G0CHE for relaying infos - Direct or Bureau QSL via home-call. 73's Patrick
(*) Fantastic maritime tropo with EA and F on Sunday 24 - EH3JA thought I was in his garden, but only 3 QSO's in 3 hours CQ... a bit disapointing...

From top to bottom: JN40GE, JM49EK and JN40VM.

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