Monday, October 10, 2005

Makrothen RTTY contest

Band QSOs Pts Pts/Q
3.5 124 656178 5292
7 153 1027714 6717
14 322 1547310 4805
21 178 866176 4866
Total 777 4097378 5273
DK3VN web-engine score: 4,101,726 (dupes removed)

My small domestic simplified SO1R station: IC756pro2 - HB 2x4cx250=500w - 2el TB-yagi@40' - LB dipoles @63 and 66' N1MM 5.9.7 - DX-cluster
Seen from my location Makro-contest strategy can be summarized as: work as many W's as possible!
Nice contest, but somewhere a bit too much "brute force". Must say that I personnaly missed the mult-hunting part and the SO2R fun... what makes RTTYcontesting a bit more than just F-key push. Of course I could have entered the Mult-trx category, but this category really lacks the competitors to make it fun... (and why SO2R if no mult to hunt?)
Anyway congrats to Mike K4GMH for his great score... (I know that I am missing real antennas to compete...). Conditions have been better that expected, but the low bands strongly affected by statics. Once again VOACAP based simulations were far too pessimistic: 15m has been far better than predicted (no JA no W according to pre-test simulations;-). Suffered from local power-line QRN especialy on 15m with antenna to NA...Thanks to VK6HD for the QSY to 80m; I usualy refrain from "moving" stations but this is the best point/QSO in my log... deserved an exception !
My weekend "dummy award" goes to UY8IF who refused to work me on 20, though Iwas claiming loud and clear "YOU ARE NOT IN MY LOG !" (once again: there is no penalty for dupes just work'em all and basta! why this endless/repeated ridiculous behavior ?)
My apologizes to 7X0RY for calling twice, but a remaining bug in N1MM does make callsigns starting with a figure to ever appear as dupe ! (however, except this small marginal bug N1MM worked well...).Thanks "Waldemar & friends" for organizing; Good time-format, but still missing a few participants (indicators: vy large % of 4bands stations + low hour rates despite short exchange).
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