Monday, February 13, 2006


Call: TM6A
Operator(s): F6IRF
Station: F6IRF
Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 30
Radios: SO2R

Band QSOs Pts
80: 432 1806
40: 487 2184
20: 430 1097
15: 70 183
Total: 1419 5270 Prefixes = 528 Total Score = 2,782,560

Station: my usual SO2R minima-setup @150W
A fantastic contest despite poor conditions. Tremendous participation,
I had never seen the 20/40/80 digital segments extending that far away
from the theoretical limits...
This year the local WX was perfect and allowed me to put my last year
"low bands" strategy in practice...
The only disapointment comes from the limited number of prefixes,
(only +4 compaired to last year - congrats to UT9FJ for the 575!), but with
a 30% improv
ement over my last year score the claimed is above the current
EU-record for the category

(click to enlarge)- those 2 graphs show the top-ten qso and prefixes providers.
( )

N1MM-LOGGER is getting better and better, and performed near to the
perfection - once again thanks/congrats to the programmers team.

Country stats can be seen at

Thanks to all for the QSO's - E-confirmations soon on LOTW
Pat (not Serge!)
WPX RTTY - 2006-02-11 0000Z to 2006-02-13 0000Z - 1429 QSOs
TM6A - Off Times >= 60 Minutes
Total Time Off 18.03 hours
Total Time On 29.97 hours

As shown on those graphs, I took most of my off-time during the day. I also spent quite some time on 40 during the day, and limited 15m mostly to the JA window.
About the strategy: It may not be obvious for everybody, but the WPX is one of the most interesting contest on a strategic point of view. What make it so interesting is the fact that SO may only operate 30 of 48 hours, that QSO-points are multiplied by 2 on 40 and 80, and mults only counted once.

As shown on the various graphs above, my strategy was deliberatly "priority to low bands", with the majority of off-time taken during daytime. The consequence of this strategy is a relatively low number of multipliers per QSO's versus a high number of points/qso.

This graph shows that various strategies may provide close results. Obviously the situation is quite different seen from Israel or USA...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Pat

Very nice score during the WPX,clever strategy.

I was unable to be qrv during this one.