Wednesday, August 16, 2006

F6KAR - WAEDC, Stats and audio-clips

waedc audio clip1.mp3 WAEDC audio clip QTC'S - 21MHZ RK9CWW, EX2M, RN9SXX 28MHZ RW9QX, RU9CK, 9M6XRO
waedc audio clip2.mp3 WAEDC audio clip QTC'S - 21MHZ UA9CDC
waedc audio clip3.mp3 WAEDC audio clip QTC'S - 21MHZ CE3BFZ, PV8DX, CN8YR
waedc audio clip4.mp3 WAEDC audio clip QTC'S - 14MHZ K6XX, VE3NE, KU8E, VE9DX
Click on the loudspeaker to listen to the clip. Click on the image to enlarge it...

qso's by time: not a contest to beat records !

qtc's by time: No good score possible without QTC's

Multipliers: hard to find, hard to work ! (multipliers are weighted 2x on 10-15-20m / 3 on 40m / 4 on 80m)

QSO+QTC by hour, the rate to look at...

Continents all bands: another contest where working NA is the key to success.

Continents by band: 80m tfc is trusted by NA statons...

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