Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Just for the fun I took the BCC station, DQ4W claimed score published on 3830 for reference ( see http://lists.contesting.com/archives//html/3830/2006-09/msg00957.html )
Although they did more QSO's (2485 vs 2321), which is quite normal taking into account their M/2 category, I was surprised to see that we managed slightly more mults (590 vs 581) despite our poor location, and quite modest antennas.
Multipliers by type... States/prov is our weak point !

Of course, it could be explained by a collateral effect of the M2 category, but what is interesting is that we managed more zones and DXCC's but less states/prov. The effect of our poor take-off toward NA is quite obvious in the following graphs: On 80m, the 8 degrees blocking does not look as a major handicap, but it becomes dramatic on 15m... Conclusion: F6KAR maybe a decent location for many contests along the year, but certainly not for an ARRL-DX all-bands !

Multipliers by band... 15m is our weak band !

States/provinces by band: The effect of 8 degrees blocking !

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