Friday, June 06, 2008

SY3M - A few audio recordings

waedc audio clip1.mp3 80m sunday at sunrise. From Greece, end of may, the US windows on 80m is not very wide... But the 6 points QSO's are always welcome, worth making the effort ! (op Pat)

waedc audio clip1.mp3 Sunday morning on 40m, just after sunrise. As usual in the WPX , 40m is the "money band" with the highest point/QSO average. Unfortunately, we missed the recording of the first hours, which provided the higher rates on this band... We could not explain the rythmic noise on the K3 recording, maybe a "knocking spirit"... (Op Nico)

waedc audio clip1.mp3 Saturday morning on 10m. The 10m band provided good rates, but with a low point average despite a few DX's. (Op Pat)

waedc audio clip1.mp3 The bigger 10m surprise has been a one hour opening to JA on sunday morning. We worked 20 JA's and 1 HL A selection of a few of them. Most likely multi-hop E's. BTW, the ghost is back ! (Op Pat)

waedc audio clip1.mp3 20m also provided good rates despite our low gain/low height antenna, but difficult to find and keep a clear frequency. (Op Nico)

waedc audio clip1.mp3 An amazing recording done on 40m a couple of hours before the contest end. (Op ?)

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