Friday, December 05, 2008

CQWW CW 2008 - M/S @TM6M - OM8A EU-Leader ?

The OM8A 3830-claimed score did not came as a real surprise, but shows what remains to be done to expect a first European M/S place... a lot !
Once again, the biggest gap is on 80m very weak both in QSO's and mults. 160 and 10m come after, while the results on 15 and 20 are not that bad. 40m is almost competitive, just missing 10~15 multipliers...


OM9ANL said...

Y'a toujours la solution qui tue !

Choisir son YL au pays des OM

Ah Ah ;-) PM

Anonymous said...

Bonjour F6IRF

Quel soft utilisez vous pour faire
vos comparatif de log ?

Merci pour votre super blog
Bonnes fĂȘtes
Manu F4FLQ

F6IRF said...

J' utilise Excel, tout simplement !
Joyeux Noel !