Monday, January 09, 2006


Call: F6IRF
Operator(s): F6IRF
Station: F6IRF
Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

Band QSOs
80: 237
40: 348
20: 450
15: 105
10: 0

Total: 1140 State/Prov = 50 Countries = 67 Total Score = 133,380

Rig: my usual small domestic station (minus 5dB - so even smaller than usual!),
Software: N1MM Logger V5.12.11
No cluster (of course, in this contest!)

After the disapointing 2005 attempt (did not manage to enter the top-ten in HP
category - 11th!), I decided to try something else... so why not LP; better be
at max allowed power in LP than at 1/3 of the max allowed HP power!
Started on 20m, but the band was closing and many W-stations could not copy me
(too busy working each others), so bad start...
Got better after 2200z, when 40m came to life, but it did not last...
However passed 400 before going to bed, which was not too bad, and finaly the
activity helping and conditions improving, I managed to pass the 1000 Q's mark
after 19h30 of airtime. (1hour more than it took me during the last JARTS, but
not too bad for LP!)...
Looking at others scores, get the feeling that North and East located
EU-stations, did not get the same kind of conditions... (on the other hand
EA1AKS seem to have done quite well!)
So at the end, and though I was not expecting a score, the result is quite
successfull compaired to last year: more qso's, more countries and more states
making a 55% points increase. A good weekend !
The main advantage of running LP was that I did not get the kids and YL to
complain that the internet was not working (The ADSL modem does not like me
running HP on 80/40). The only major drawback I experienced is that I got more
wild attacks against my frequency, and also that I worked far less W on 80m (8
versus 31 - but on the other hand, I worked VK and JA... which was a very good
sunday evening surprise, a pity they do not count as band mult !)

Country/setions stats can be seen at
You may listen to a few contest audio-clips in the next post below...
See you all in the next one

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