Monday, January 09, 2006

RTTY-SO2R audio clips

Those mp3 files, recorded during the ARRL roundup 2006, demonstrate how it is possible to boost a slow running rate, into something decent using SO2R... To enjoy them, you need to open 2 instances of MMVARI or MMTTY(or one of each!) and select stereo left-channel for one instance and stereo right-channel for the second one... (using MMVARI select mode RTTY-L and tones 2210Hz).
If you are interested, my general station setup is described here (my modest domestic station!):
And here are pictures of the high-band beams and the low band dipoles:

roundup extrait 1.mp3 Audio1: Calling on right radio (IC756pro2), searching on left radio (IC706). While the rate on 20m is relatively low, the overall rate becomes quite good. The antennas are side by side, separated by12m.- Absolutely no desensitivation/interference between the 2radios, here at 150W power level.

roundup extrait 2.mp3 Audio2: Same as above but the steppIR(on 15m) is looking at the back of OB6-3M(on 20m)... no interferences either. Note that it is possible to make 2 QSO's at the same time, while never having more than one signal on the air!

roundup extrait 3.mp3Audio 3: Same radio configuration but calling on 80m, while searching on 40. The antenna separation is only 1 m ! To hear me at LP-level, it means that VK6HD hears are much better better than mine!

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