Tuesday, January 09, 2007

F6IRF in CQ ham-radio (JA)

Thanks to Hisami 7L4IOU for sending me the October 2006 issue of the Japanese magazine CQ-ham radio.


Hisa said...

Hi Patrick
You are one of the most familiar zone 14 RTTY station because of wonderful receiving capability.
JA1BNW/Hiro-san commented you to "High-Q person".
All the best to you and your family for 2007!
73 Hisami 7L4IOU

F6IRF said...

Thanks Hisa,
JA is the most challenging direction for us in western Europe, especialy with low sunspot.
Fortunately I benefit, from a very good take-off in the Short path direction, and using some tricks, like 2 horizontaly stacked yagis, allows me to reduce noise, and improve quality of received signals. Best regards