Friday, November 14, 2008

back to "another low band vertical"

13 monthes ago, I published a complete description of my "low band" vertical. This antenna continues to surprise me every day by the reports I am getting worldwide. Just as an example, I recently had several bilateral WSPR-exchanges with ZL1RS on 80m long path using 5W. This is what says Larry W8LIW (OH) " As for the spots of your station, sometimes I think your station and mine are connected by a wire :o) You are usually the first station I hear! Your vertical is amazing".
I recently improved the radials-systems: to the 30 burried radials, I added 40 "surface mounted" temporary ones, for a total of 70 (50x10m and 20x 20m = 900m of wire!). Unfortunately, my terrain allows me the 20m-ones, in one direction, so I have now reached the maximum... Next improvement will be to add a few top-loading wires to improve the performances on 160m.
The temporary "surface-mounted" additional radials. My attentive readers, may recognize them ;-)
Among my attentive readers, is my friend Dodo, F6EPY. He sent me the following pictures, of his portable vertical, made from a 18m spiderbeam mast (thanks Dodo).

Last, but not least, during the a/m exchanges with ZL1RS I was using this RX-antenna. I am now planning to put 2 of them in "end fire" configuration (using my MFJ phasing box)... More to follow...

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