Monday, November 17, 2008

The VOACAP mystic, a summary...

Why "the VOACAP mystic" ?
I would recommend to read this as a starter

Once done and for those who may have missed the early posts. Following is a summary of all the posts published on the a/m topic. It will allow to read them in the right order...

- VOACAP vs WSPR reports part 1 (study of a 30m transatlantic path)
- VOACAP vs WSPR reports part 2 (study of a 30m transatlantic path)
- VOACAP, the end of the myth ? part 1 ( study of a F<>ZL 40m path)
- VOACAP, the end of the myth ? part 2 ( continuation of the study of the F<>ZL 40m path)
- VOACAP, the end of the myth ? part 3 (study of a 40m long path F to VK7 + my temporary conclusions)
- VOACAP, the end of the myth ? part 4 (back to F<>ZL short/long path, OH6BG calculations and opinion)

May not be complete: I am still consolidating data on 80m F<>ZL path, which may lead to strange conclusions on the required take-off angle. Now that I have improved my knowledge of Voacap, I may also come back later on shorter distance paths. So, stay tuned !

Please note: So far these articles, exist only as "blog posts" (I like the spontaneous day to day blog form). Of course they may be made available for publication in a more conventionnal support, or public presentations if some interest is expressed. In any case, please contact me for any adaptation/translation...


Anonymous said...

a professional writer, article qui donne envie d'aller voir plus loin dans le pourquoi! superbe... avec les articles sur les SDR et autres DSP le moral remonte ! 73 Paul F5QE

Anonymous said...

Slt ,

toujours vachement intéressant...Même si le déca et moi , ça fait 2 . Le radioamateurisme , c'est fait pour s'éduquer et en profiter pour éduquer les autres....
Tes articles , ils auraient plu à Rainer


F6IRF said...

Merci Paul et Dom pour vos commentaires. Pour etre honnête, j'ai eu plus d'une fois l'impréssion de perdre mon temps en tenant ce blog depuis ces qqs 3 ans et demi... suciter un peu d'interêt est un moteur indispensable; merci de l'avoir exprimé! 73's Pat