Tuesday, August 23, 2005

F6IRF - The early contesting years

1989: F6IRF/P (M/S HF CW) the contesting computer age had started... From front to back F6AVK, F6EUQ, F5JBP

1989: VHF / UHF contest from "le Mont d'Or" (1600m ASL)

1990: TX6A, CQWW CW 1st line F5LGE, F6ARC, F5IN behind F6IRF, F6IWW (and F5IN antennas)

1992: first experience from DX-side (QSL manager is now F5GTR)

1997: WPX RTTY - M/S at 4U1ITU -from front to back F6IRF, TY1PS, F6IOC - My first ever RTTY contest, with a new EU-record...

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