Thursday, August 25, 2005


The 2 antennas at the contest start; the 4elts DXSR, and the 105BA after the night snow-storm, with winds >120km/h

Operator(s): F5IQA F6GRC F6HYE F6IOC F6IRF
Class: M/S HP, QTH: Corsica, Operating Time (hrs): 27.4

Mode QSOs Mults
CW: 1351 124
SSB: 1359 132
Total: 2710 256 = 2,080,256

F5IQA and F6HYE in the schack

The unexpected "cape horn" weather conditions (*) did not make easy a "field-day style" operation! With accumulated snow and ice and exceptional high winds, the 105BA at 8 meters fell and broke before the start of the contest. By chance the second antenna (4 elements) decided to slide down on the mast, at about 5 meters (height of the guying plate) which saved the mast from bending. With a single antenna at 5 meters, a very noisy south , and no DX-cluster or multiplier spotting we honestly did not expect such a score, but the maritime "take off" to the north sector and the "magic power" of the call sign made up for our modest single antenna.Last but not least, we are most grateful to Guy, our logistic and generator specialist who managed to maintain the electrical power to the station while a part of the island was in the dark...
(*) Corsica island normally benefits from a mild Mediterranean climate where snow at the sea level does not appear more than once every 3 decades...

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