Sunday, August 28, 2005

F6IRF - SCC RTTY Championship

SCC RTTY Championship
Call: F6IRF Operator(s): F6IRF
Station: F6IRF Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: JN35AU Operating Time (hrs): 21
Radios: SO2R

Summary: Band QSOs Pts Mults
80: 106 216 43
40: 215 477 56
20: 357 812 58
15: 207 457 56
10: 67 135 34
Total: 952 2097 247 Total Score = 517,959

Thanks to condx and activity, I think I never did that many Q's in a 24h TTY contest. I may have been able to pass 1000 without a break, but the motivation was kind of unsufficient... Conditions have been mainly "short skip" and allowed many 5bands but onlywith EU stations. Some Surprising signal levels with JA and ZL on 7Mhz at short-path in the evening. Low activity on 3.5 with poor transatlantic condx.Anyway the rules do not really encourage DX (Strategy is kind of "work'em all") so condx were perfect for this game, though I must say that personaly missed "real mults" to hunt. I did not want to have to worry for band changes, so I selected the "unlimited" category, but the cluster is kind of useless with such a rules.All "milesimes" from 1949 to 2005 are represented in my log, but only 3 before 49 (35, 37, 47). The most represented "classes" are 76 (19stns) closely followed by 78 and 82 (18 stns). In general the younger blood comes from Eastern EU...Many thanks to SCC and Slovenian stations for the activity, to all for the QSO's, and see you soon on the bands. Patrick
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Anonymous said...

Congratulation to you Blog. It is on my faforite list. Also thank you for the QSO's in SCC RTTY Champiomnship.

73 den Franz, DL3PS (OP at DL0OV)