Friday, August 26, 2005


After the family holidays, the second objective of my trip to FG was the ARRL DX CW. After my first contact with George's station at h-24, the 7 years old HH2AW (9A3A) SOSB80 world record definitely became my objective... Too many problems were to be solved to reasonably think about a SOAB participation. Thanks to Georges's efforts, electricity was restablished in the schack at h-5, and the Alpha76 PA finaly operational at h-30mn... George's station is located on the East coast of the volcanic Basse-Terre, the best take-off is to Europe, Africa and middle-east, but is finaly not too bad to states. The 100' tower supports a half-wave sloper that I turned to NW and tuned for the CW part of the band. Due to low mains (abt 200V), it was not reasonably possible to get more than 500W from the 2 brand new 8874 brought in my luggages. After a rather slow first hour, the rate jumped over 110 for the next 3 hours, but unfortunately the second part of the night was not that successfull, and I ended-up the first night with 802 Q's for about 10 hours of traffic. No need to say that the second night turned out quite boring, with only 420 QSO's and 3 new multipliers for 13 hours of traffic and I went to bed very disapointed missing 27 QSO's... HH2AW record was finaly beated at 2330z and about 20 more qso's added in the last half hour. Final claimed score 225,144 (1272/59) only 3Kpts ahead from the previous record, but 32K behind C6AKQ (N4BP). Congratulations to Bob and the FCG team for their new SOSB 80 and 160 world records... A very good and enjoyable experience anyway, will keep in mind George and family's warm welcome, and the very good time we had in Guadeloupe in general and in Capesterre in particular. Another 3000 QSO's were done from Guadeloupe outside the contest (FG/F6IRF), using Georges's station in Capesterre, or FG5VIJ simple antennas in Deshaies.

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