Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The "Cizirf-special" first real test

The "Cizirf special" at F6KAR for the HF-CW leg of the French Championship
This weekend took place the CW-leg of the "French Championship". This was a good opportunity to test the "Cizirf-special" in real contest conditions from the CERN radio-club F6KAR. The antenna was installed 5m AGL, on 2 fiber poles, as far as possible from the transmitting antennas and using the MFJ-1025 as phasing unit. The phasing box was controlled by a foot-switch, allowing to change instantly from a NVIS "omni" pattern (single dipole) to a predifined directionnal pattern. Although the antenna will probably be more useful during the SSB-leg, we all appreciated to be able to pull out weak stations from the saturated 80 and 40m bands. To learn more about this antenna, you may browse the 2008/01 archives: several videos, and many audio recordings are used to illustrate the topic. The full description in english is available by following this link.

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